About Us

At CMM, you will work directly with a partner who has focused on a discrete area of law. Rather than trying to be all things to all clients, we are committed to providing cost-effective services to those in need of an experienced professional in our specific areas. We share a common commitment to working collaboratively with you to develop a customized and coordinated approach to your legal challenge. As we learn about your specific circumstance and individual needs, we become stronger advocates and counselors. Moreover, as we help you get your bearings, you are better able to act as a co-manager of your legal needs.

We help you navigate unfamiliar terrain.

As unique and complex as your legal issues may seem, take comfort in the knowledge that we can help lead the way. We each focus on one specific area of practice, and are confident in our ability to evaluate your legal needs, to foresee unanticipated changes, and to use our skills to help you reach your destination.

It all starts with a consultation.

Your initial consultation is pivotal, and chemistry is key when embarking on a legal relationship. From the outset, we gain invaluable insight from your experience and perspective. We will work together to identify issues, define your goals, and develop a strategic plan to reach a fair and reasonable resolution. This process is the foundation for a relationship built on mutual respect and shared judgment. Please contact us to schedule a consultation. See Our Practice Areas or attorneys Mark Carta, Darcy McAlister, and Glen Moore.

Your community is our community.

We were all born and raised in this area and maintain deep roots in our communities. We understand the sophisticated legal needs and stressful lifestyles of lower Fairfield County residents. One of our greatest rewards is the trust and confidence of our friends and neighbors. See our Community Involvements.

We are honored to be Connecticut’s only LEGUS member.

Carta, McAlister & Moore, LLC is honored to have been chosen as the only Connecticut firm affiliated with LEGUS, an international network of leading law firms that provides access to over 2,500 lawyers.  There are LEGUS affiliated firms in nearly every U.S. State and in 35 countries on five continents.

As a LEGUS member, we are able to place and receive referrals from around the world, ensuring that you are in good hands regardless of where your legal needs may arise.

LEGUS members are chosen from among only A-Rated law firms and are subject to periodic quality assurance evaluations to maintain high standards of service and experience.   www.leguslaw.com   

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