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This discipline of the firm covers four areas: wills and estate planning, the representation of the fiduciaries of decedent's estates, and the representation of trustees and other fiduciaries (such as conservators and guardians).

Wills and Estate Planning CM&M focuses on four elements regarding our clients' estate plans:

  • Drawing up documents intended to take effect at death, which identify how assets will be allocated
  • Documents for use during life including Living Trusts, Power of Attorney, and Living Wills  
  • Determining the best way to title assets and name beneficiaries  
  • Determining the extent, if any, that lifetime gifting will assist the client with achieving his or her objectives

Often, the first element is the only necessary solution – but many cases all are required. From small estates to large, we prepare carefully considered plans and estate planning services for clients of all sizes and needs.

As is our way, close collaboration with clients is key. Together we find a way to alleviate aggravation and arrive at mutually agreeable solutions. We implement strategies that maximize tax savings while minimizing the client transaction and administrative costs.

Remember, an estate plan should be more than simply a will. It’s important to prepare all necessary documents for the appointment of health care agents, powers of attorney, and conservators. Naturally, we assist by preparing all of these documents as part of the estate plan.

Decedents’ Estates During this time of grief and confusion, please know that you and your family will be treated with the respect and empathy you deserve. Our experience with decedents’ estates is quite extensive; we can be of great help during this time.

CM&M has an ongoing relationship with many of the probate judges in lower Fairfield County. With decades of hearing experience, they appear before these judges on a regular basis – when it comes to understanding all the required procedures, our people know how to move the process along.

Post-mortem planning is another area of particular expertise. Under Glen’s leadership, our attorneys are adept at helping your family save on taxes, and ease the ultimate distribution of estate assets. Because of the flexibility we incorporate into these documents, we’re able to help, for example, when trusts funded through the death of one family member are used to achieve the long-term goals of the survivors.

Representation of Beneficiaries in Contested Situations Sometimes unexpected, yet hardly uncommon, challenges against fiduciaries can be raised in the local probate court, or even the state court system. Either way, Mark Carta has extensive experience handling situations from complex cases to routine disagreements. Time and again, Mark proves that with the right approach, resolutions can be reached with speed and professionalism.

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